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Conversion Rate Optimization is the method of increasing the ratio of website visitors, converting them into potential customers or leads. A conversion is characterized as the positive outcome of a predetermined objective. Conversion rate is calculated as the total number of sales divided by the total number of website visitors. Conversion rate optimization is considered a continuous process that requires constant analysis, measuring, enhancing, and testing.

Steps for Conversion Rate Optimization are below:

Addressing the scope of improvisations — Specific parts of your conversion funnel that need to be revamped.

Formulating a hypothesis — Based on your performance indicators and analysis, you formulate a testable hypothesis.


Do you know what kind of SEO techniques are used you? It can be hard to know where to begin with the optimization of search engines since most experts have an opinion on what works and what does not work. They could offer you short-term results if you use black hat SEO techniques, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to set you up for a solid future.

You will assist in your long-term SEO objectives by learning the difference between Black hat SEO vs. SEO’s Whitehat and the Gray in between.

White Hat SEO: Google’s Golden Child

Basically, white hat SEO does search engine optimization exactly…

LinkedIn is a forum to endorse and promote your business, find a job or freelance job, and collaborate with partners in joint ventures. There are two groups of people: those who constantly prune their connections with the people with whom they have already interacted, and those who welcome any request for random contact that comes in. LinkedIn is a social network aimed at career professionals with over 65 million users. You ought to have a LinkedIn profile if you have a business that provides services to other businesses (B2B) or has a business in which networking is essential for partners…

It’s not too early for you to think about your 2021 Digital marketing strategy. Having a strong digital presence is more important than ever before in this unique and uncertain economic setting. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of consumers staying home is increasing, your business needs to be visible and enticing to those who shop from their living rooms or so. …

Email engagement is one of the basic assumptions of marketing automation. And we are under severe pressure for our emails to function as modern marketers. They need to drive interaction, conversions, and most importantly, revenue.

But it’s easy to forget the basics of email success with the complexity of the different resources at our fingertips and an overcrowded work desk. Below is a checklist of some tips and strategies to inspire new email marketers and inform experienced professionals of the main best practices.

Start with a clear or specified goal

Figuring out what you want to accomplish is the crucial first step in this process.

Will you…

You will need IT help, regardless of the size of your business. Outsourcing your funding for IT guarantees that your organization operates smoothly. In addition, it also encourages the internal IT workers to focus on more strategic, profit-driven activities and procedures. This will help you get the best out of their abilities. However, there are three key solutions available when it comes to IT support: managed IT services, ad-hoc support, or building your own internal IT Team. So, which one is best for the needs of your business?

First, let’s see the difference between managed IT support and ad-hoc support

A reactive approach is used by a conventional IT support setup. Ad-hoc…

Data loss, financial damage, a reputation ruined: cyber espionage can cause serious problems for any modern business. Corporate espionage has always been a reality, but new threats call for innovative solutions with the rise of cyber espionage. Who benefits from cyber espionage, and what can you do to safeguard your business?

What is Cyber Espionage?

Cyber espionage is an advanced kind of threat. Attackers typically try to dig deep into a network to access information that is advancing their capability.

It can take place over a long period of time, often without an organization realizing that there is a threat actor, infiltrating deeply into…

Rootkits are amongst the easiest to detect and disable malware. Now Windows 10 systems are aimed at different variants.

What is a Rootkit?

Rootkits are the world of malware toolboxes. They are installed as part of some other update, backdoor, or worm. They then take action to ensure that the owner will not sense their existence on the device. When enabled, Rootkits have all they need for a bad actor to take control of your PC and use it for DDoS or as a zombie machine.

Rootkits work near or inside the operating system kernel, which means they have low-level…

It’s important that your organization has access to IT resources in today’s environment, but that doesn’t mean it has to be done in-house. Many organizations are turning to outsourced, co-managed IT services, which is why they have seen such rapid growth in this solution. Reaching an industry growth of $107 billion in 2014 to almost double that of co-managed IT services at $193 billion in 2019, makes it much easier for you to take advantage of the benefits of digital transformation while avoiding many of the pitfalls. Why move to co-managed IT services? …

Originally, Storage as a Service (STaaS) was seen as a cost-effective way for small and medium-sized companies without the technical staff and budget control to develop and manage their own storage infrastructure. Lately, companies of all sizes utilize STaaS. STaaS offers low-cost elastic storage, depending on its utilization. An integral part of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) is Storage as a Service (STaaS). It is a managed service where the provider offers access to a data storage platform for the end-clients. The service can be provided from a single customer’s dedicated infrastructure on-premises, or…

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